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ESG Report


  • ORCODA has published its baseline Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) report
  • Disclosures are made against the World Economic Forum’s Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics
  • ORCODA to continue ESG reporting using Socialsuite and release bi-annual ESG disclosure reports

ORCODA (ASX:ODA) is pleased to announce it has published its baseline Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) report with disclosures on 21 core metrics set by the World Economic Forum (WEF) in its standardised and globally recognised Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics ESG framework.

Geoff Jamieson, Managing Director of ORCODA, commented, “I am pleased to introduce ORCODA’s first ESG disclosure report which captures the starting point of our ESG journey. We value ESG considerations as they allow us to identify risks and improvements, which lead to better-informed decisions and business outcomes. “Equally, our commitment to ESG creates a consistent and measurable approach that helps us contribute to building a more prosperous and fulfilled society and a more sustainable relationship with our planet.

With this mindset, we are progressively embedding ESG reporting fully into our all our operations and governance systems. We commit to ongoing ESG reporting on a bi-annual basis, sharing our progress and improvements to creating long-term value for all our stakeholders.”

ORCODA will continue to use Socialsuite’s ESG reporting platform to measure, improve, and disclosure ongoing progress with reporting ESG metrics and indicators. For real-time ESG data, see our Public ESG Dashboard and Public ESG Report.



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