Vehicle Pooling Solution
for large fleets who share vehicles between staff


Book, locate, open and start the vehicle with one app

Gain a big-picture view of your total vehicle-pooling fleet with detailed and accurate information in real- time. With the ability to see only the metrics you value most, your business can cut-through the analytical clutter to see a high-level overview of your fleet and who is using vehicles in each location, allowing your team to make crucial and informed decisions.

By collecting data from multiple manufacturers and accessing it from within the one central platform, you can connect all your vehicles to give you a range of benefits. With ORCODA’s extensive experience integrating ORCODA CONNECT with vehcile manufacturers, you’ll have the ability to utilise a range of vehicle brands across your fleet.

Key Points

  • Increases fleet utilisation across your operation through an easy-to-book system
  • Reduce workforce cost of managing fleet and user verification
  • Ability to visualise redundancy factors to reduce fleet size
  • Comprehensive visibility via dashboards to monitor costs and usage, built in driver performance ranking & KPI management
  • A scalable solution that grows and adapts to your evolving business.









Authorised to Drive

  • Your own manager, administrator or HR team set up staff profiles within ORCODA CONNECT to enable them to access the app.

  • Only once your administrator approves a staff member (checks their drivers licenses etc) will they be sent an invitation to download the app.

  • Staff member is sent login details once approved.


Book the Vehicle

  • Staff can download the mobile app from Google Play or Apple Store once they are authorised
  • Administrator sets up log in details for staff member and sends log in details
  • Account setting shows details of bookings from past, present and future.
  • To search, just enter the date, time and location
  • Then a range of vehicles that match your criteria will be listed
  • Click on any listed car to see further details about the vehicle
  • Make a selection
  • Read and accept terms and conditions in order to complete the booking
  • Access your confirmed bookings from your account
  • Receive a notification that the vehicle has been booked

Locate the Vehicle

  • When its time to start your booking, your staff can then locate the vehicle using the “pin” icon within the vehicle booking.
  • Staff cannot locate the vehicle prior to the start of their booking
  • ORCODA CONNECT uses the GPS mapping app in your staff members mobile phone to show the location of the car
  • An image of the car’s model and the REGO of the car is provided within the mobile app

Open and start the vehicle

  • Open the vehicle using the mobile app unlock button
  • Start the vehicle
  • Lock the vehicle using the mobile app lock button

The Management Portal

Track & Manage your Fleet


Connecting all your vehicles on one booking platform gives you the following benefits:

  • Booking system eliminates dual booking
  • Staff gain entry to vehicles through ORCODA CONNECT app
  • Substantially reduces number of required staff to run call centre, vehicle bookings, car park and car-pooling for your fleet.
  • Tracking of vehicles is matched to staff member
  • Pick-up time and drop-off time stamped in database


Late Check-Ins

Vehicle Utilisation stats

Upcoming Bookings



Depots and locations

Users and team members

Vehicles and maintenance



Track and locate your vehicles in real time

Notifications of late vehicles in real time

Map of vehicle locations



Account and billing

Security – Password and Usernames


Frequently Asked Questions


ORCODA CONNECT is a Vehicle Pooling Solution for large fleets who share vehicles between staff. Enabling your staff to book, locate, open and start the vehicle with one mobile app.

What is the advantage of ORCODA CONNECT?

Gain the advantage of reduced workforce costs, elimination of spreadsheets, elimination of call centres, increased fleet utilisation, manage tolls, accurate location of vehicles and visualise fleet redundancy.

What are the key features of ORCODA CONNECT?

  • Our software will allow your staff to book, locate, open and start the company vehicle within one mobile app.
  • Comprehensive visibility via dashboards to monitor costs and usage.
  • Built in driver performance ranking & KPI management.

What does vehicle pooling software do?

Vehicle Pooling software books the vehicle, locates the vehicle, opens and starts the vehicles, within the mobile app. The software improves the efficiency of allocating the costs within the business and managing fleet usage.

What should I look for in vehicle pooling software?

  • Accessible and easy to use
  • Multiple training options
  • Developed in Australia to ensure local technical support
  • Ability to lock and unlock vehicle from mobile app
  • Ability to preference usage of fleet assets
  • Restrict specific vehicle types to user profiles
  • Live status updates from fleet
  • Notifications sent to users about booking times, changes, etc

Is the ORCODA CONNECT easy-to-use or will I need training?

The app is easy for your staff to download and use.

We also offer training and guidance for the management portal, including staff profile and vehicle setup.

What's required for the software installation & setup?

ORCODA CONNECT’s system implementation includes the hardware and installation, configuration of the platform and training for your organisation.

Do you offer local technical support?

Yes, ORCODA CONNECT is developed and hosted in Australia, and our technical support team can be contacted via email, SMS or phone.

Which manufacturers, makes, models of vehicles can be used with ORCODA CONNECT?

ORCODA CONNECT has successful integration with a diverse range of brands and models. From those older vehicle models requiring physical keys to push button start and complete keyless operations. 

Can I use the software on any device? Such as my phone?

Yes, your staff can download the software from Apple Store or Google Play. Once approved by your management team to book company vehicles, then they will be sent a login and access details.