Orcoda Workforce Logistics System

Governance and compliance platform to protect your board and executive team by managing your remote workforce with a complete digital solution. OWLS connects the on-site management with contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers and internal workforce throughout the entire personnel supply chain with 100% visibility.

One central platform that manages the “white space” between the existing personnel supply chain, by linking multiple databases with the ability to track the movement of each worker, contractor and supplier.

Our workforce management software is a solution for the mass movement of personnel that increases accuracy and visibility, whilst seamlessly integrating and optimising the entire process with greater compliance.


If you use spreadsheets, paper or emails in any part of your business to manage your remote workforce then you definitely need Orcoda Workforce Logistics System (OWLS) to digitally transform your operations

The Traditional Workforce Supply Chain

is antiquated and is reliant on spreadsheets and human input.
This process is inefficient and prone to human error.

Orcoda Workforce Logistics System

Orcoda Workforce Logistic System (OWLS)

Patented technology for managing the ‘white space’ between multiple existing databases within the workforce supply chain, using one central platform. OWLS integrates databases of clients, contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers into one continuous supply chain.

Orcoda Workforce Logistics System

Management Features

Orcoda Workforce Logistics System
Orcoda Workforce Logistics System
Orcoda Workforce Logistics System

Mobile App Features

Orcoda Workforce Logistics System


A unique identifier (UID) for each system gate (medicals, pre-site induction and training, access onto all forms of transport, accommodation, worksites and onsite inductions via QR codes)

Orcoda Workforce Logistics System

Worksite compliance

Scanner for boarding plant & equipment and scanning QR codes of toolbox and pre-starts.

Orcoda Workforce Logistics System

Roster and schedule

View roster and schedule for individual worker or groups of workers, depending on level of access

Orcoda Workforce Logistics System

Compliance, Risk and Safety

Workers can report hazards and safety messages. Pre-start safety checklist and fit for work declaration

Orcoda Workforce Logistics System

Work Offline

No network connection? In-field workers can sync data onto the device and keep working. When connection returns, simply sync back to the database

Orcoda Workforce Logistics System


View and share swing travel itinerary for transport and accommodation

Orcoda Workforce Logistics System

Alerts and notifications

Real-time notifications enhancing in-field communication and compliance. App, email or SMS

Orcoda Workforce Logistics System

Worker Profiles

Track and record the date, time and location of workers in real time – travel, site access, scheduled breaks, no-shows, communications, completion or requirement of medical, induction and training

Orcoda Workforce Logistics System

Real Time Data

Manage mobility, access, safety and compliance anywhere anytime with real time data

Orcoda Workforce Logistics System


Feedback from workers regarding travel itinerary, no-shows and amendments required

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Orcoda Workforce Logistics System (OWLS) is a digital platform that enables control over entire workforces across all phases and respective project lifecycles across project personnel, contractors and suppliers.

Management Efficiencies

Operational Efficiencies

Case Study – Mine Shutdown – Minset


  • Increase efficiency

  • Support a step change in workforce logistics management


  • Reduced administration time and effort. To increase accuracy

  • Enabled live workforce compliance through automated updates e.g. accreditations, qualifications and competencies

  • Created future efficiency with workforce data to be rolled over to other projects


The tailored solution could manage data using existing system language to share databases between site management and external parties. The ORCODA Workforce Management Software (OWLS) provided immediate visibility of the on-boarding process with automated notifications.

“We are excited to be partnering with ORCODA to implement their digital products to optimise shutdowns across mines that we work on. We know this is an important evolution in improving shutdown performance across the resources industry, and we were impressed at the ORCODA Management System digital platform’s ability to deliver the outcomes required to improve efficiency on a recently completed shutdown project.”

Andrew Attrill, Director of Minset