Orcoda and ShareRing have a Strategic Collaboration to integrate and cross-sell each other’s products to their respective customers.

ShareRing is a leading blockchain technology company in the digital identity industry, using blockchain digital identities for customer ID verification and digitised data collection.

We work closely with ShareRing to share ideas, foster innovation, and collectively grow our respective businesses through mutually beneficial business opportunities.

The integration would allow potential users of Orcoda Connect and Rental Connect to provide and verify their personal information before finalising vehicle bookings.

Geoff Jamieson, Orcoda Managing Director, said:

“During development of Orcoda vehicle pooling/rental apps, we have identified there are substantial benefits in building digital ID features into these apps to enable instant verification of user identities. I am very impressed with Tim Bos and what he has done and believe there are a lot of commercial opportunities between Orcoda and ShareRing and I look forward to working together to create value for both companies.”