Tutis VReddo

ORCODA and Tutis VReddo’s strategic partnership provides an integrated solution combining the ORCODA Workforce Logistics System  (OWLS) product and TUTIS_ENTERPRISE products, offering a unified end-to-end Workforce Logistics and Skills Management solution covering Workforce Planning, Workforce Logistics, Workforce Mobilisation and Onboarding, Training, Learning, and Site Compliance.

Designed to manage the “White space” within complex ecosystems the solution is ideal for managing large workforces with high levels of complexity. The OWLS & TUTIS_ENTERPRISE solution tracks the movement of personnel which increases accuracy and visibility whilst optimising the entire process with greater compliance.

Chris Wright, CEO Tutis Vreddo, said: “We are excited about our alliance with Orcoda.  We believe there is significant cross-selling opportunities between Tutis Vreddo and Orcoda and are looking forward to working closely with the Orcoda team.”