Digitalise or fall behind

Digitalise or fall behind

As we start a new year, let us recognise last year’s commitment to scaling up digital technology around the globe and the rules of the new normal become simple – digitalise or fall behind. This trend will see us move into a world of hyperconnected interoperable ecosystems with increasing reliance on tech advancements for maximum efficiency and optimisation. In 2023 this could open numerous opportunities for businesses around the world as companies reimagine their operations.

To stay competitive in this new normal, companies are transitioning to a more digital and connected business model that focuses on replacing manual paper-based processes with automated digital structures for a wide variety of activities. This digital transformation creates an efficient network to deliver the best possible business outcomes.

Hyperconnected ecosystems are heavily dependent on electrification and technology, so businesses need the right infrastructure, technology, devices, processes and skills to maximise visibility over operations. As the digital transformation continues, ORCODA’s experts are building transport solutions for connectivity, cloud, and Internet of Things (IoT).  All of which are delivered in an easy to use platform as an end-to-end solution.

What’s next in 2023?

If we look to the foreseeable future, technology will continue to improve and companies must be ready to reinvent themselves or be left behind. Statistica has forecasted that spending on digital transformation technologies and services worldwide will increase by 16% in 2023. In addition, over the next 3 years spending will increase by a further 83%. Sustainability will be the key to how enterprises are able to deliver impact. Also look out for:

Electrification: Upgrading infrastructure with Intelligent Transport Management Systems will enable modernised networks to connect people, in a fully electrified, digitalised and energy-efficient network.

Next-generation AI: APAC enterprises will continue to adopt machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions to improve their customer service and optimise operations. Statistica has forecasted AI market revenues worldwide to increase by 15% in 2032.

Sustainable technology: Climate change is a top priority for business leaders and more attention is being paid towards Environmental Social Governance (ESG) efforts to meet sustainability goals. This means digital strategy and sustainability will become increasingly important and intertwined.

It’s an exciting time going forward. The year ahead is likely to see more accessible solutions, a push for more customer preferences and an increase in operational efficiency, all in an increasingly hyper-connected digital world. And ORCODA is uniquely positioned to capture new business opportunities with our software platforms and The Betta Groups’ infrastructure and electrification capabilities.



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