SaaS Healthcare Logistics Solutions For Your Business

Orcoda Healthcare Logistics is an innovative mobile healthcare solution aimed at improving Client outcomes and the efficiency of mobile healthcare services delivery.

Our solution has been designed with a single philosophy in mind – Client Care. We combine Orcoda’s mix of industry knowledge and management expertise with market-leading technology. Our software platform will enable your business to provide best-in-class services to your clients across the entire Healthcare spectrum, including medical, retirement living, community organisations and not-for-profit providers for the benefit of My Aged Care, Veteran Affairs and NDIS clients.

Our system can combine pre-existing business rules, such as company policies and worker compliance filters with in-place software and systems to provide a reliable, real-time single source of truth through a totally digital environment.

In-house Outsource Model

We join your in-house team to optimise fleet performance to substantially reduce your operating cost.

Increase Client Engagement

Our solution delivers far better outcomes to your clients, encouraging customer loyalty.

Optimised Transport Planning

Scheduling and route optimisation technology, ensures on time pick-ups and drop-offs and total supply chain transparency.
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Homecare Services

Our optimised communication system enables Healthcare Providers to give Clients and their families real time updates of the care services booked and when to expect them. Live status updates are available via our platform, any mobile device and reports, meaning that you and your loved ones will always be kept informed.
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Disability Transport Services

Using our technology and expertise, Orcoda can deliver the Transport functions of an existing provider as either fully outsourced subcontractor vehicles or your own managed fleet. Fleets comprising a mix of company and subcontractor vehicles are easily managed and are allocated on various priority levels with overflow settings.

Our optimisation process provides a unique technical advantage when it comes to managing and deploying people, vehicles and transport services. We are able to assist providers who run their own services as well as support various Government programmes like Health departments, Centacare, MyAge Care, Medicare and the NDIS scheme.

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Healthcare Transport Services

Using our scheduling and route optimisation technology, Orcoda can improve the efficiency and reliability of fleets delivering critical medical supplies. Our system optimises travel plans and makes these available with real-time updates to all stakeholders via a security filtered web interface and mobile application.

To maximise fleet effectiveness, the Orcoda Healthcare Transport System is tailored to your specific situation and includes the services of our expert planners in your office to ensure the seamless delivery of vital services to your clients.