Healthcare Logistics

Integrates technology and management expertise to process data into a real time digital platform providing safe, secure and optimised transport solutions for companies requiring asset and people transport management.

Orcoda’s Healthcare Logistics is an innovative transport management solution which improves client outcomes through optimising transport services delivery. Using our technology and expertise, Orcoda can deliver the Transport functions of an existing provider as either fully outsourced subcontractor vehicles or your own managed fleet. Fleets comprising a mix of company and subcontractor vehicles are easily managed and are allocated on various priority levels. Our optimisation process provides a unique technical advantage when it comes to managing and deploying people, vehicles and transport services.

In-house Outsource Model

We join your in-house team to optimise fleet performance to substantially reduce your operating cost.

Increase Client Engagement

Our solution delivers far better outcomes to your clients, encouraging customer loyalty.

Optimised Transport Planning

Scheduling and route optimisation technology, ensures on time pick-ups and drop-offs and total supply chain transparency.

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Providing the digital transformation for our customers by optimising transport and fleet operations to reduce costs and enhance compliance & safety.

Healthcare Logistics – Case Study

PROJECT: Community Transport


  • Improve fleet utilisation
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve reporting
  • Improve customer service


  • Optimised routes and scheduling
  • Introduction of single device in field
    for live reporting and communication
  • Automation of end-of-day reporting
  • Aggregation of information


  • Saving of $1.75 million through more
    efficient use of existing fleet
  • Reduction in unallocated jobs saving up to
    $7,560/day in lost revenue
  • Increased visibility, safety and compliance
  • Improved service for customers

“The new ORCODA optimisation allocation solution will have an immediate and practical impact on the lives of the community members who can’t drive or take public transport…We are fast approaching 200,000 trips annually and travel over two million kilometres each year. The ORCODA solution will allow us to grow more efficiently.”

Terry O’Toole, CEO

Healthcare Logistics