Waipa District Council Embraces Carpool Innovation with Orcoda Connect

Aerial Carpark Carpool Connect

In an era where efficient resource management and sustainability are paramount, Waipa District Council has taken a significant step forward by implementing Orcoda Connect, our advanced carpool booking software. This groundbreaking initiative was achieved in collaboration with Teletrac Navman, a world leading telematics provider, and it provides a true end-to-end solution in fleet management and operational efficiency for government carpool operations.

Clare Vincent from Waipa District Council expressed her satisfaction, saying, “I have appreciated the support that Orcoda provided me with the transition and ongoing weekly catch-ups. You are extremely efficient and thoughtful of how any development would impact our organisation. Your team makes me feel valued.”

Waipa District Council Embraces Carpool Innovation with Orcoda Connect

The integration of telematics and Orcoda Connect provides Waipa District Council with a powerful, unified solution for managing their carpool fleet. The combined solutions has resulted in a system that offers numerous benefits:

  • Single Source of Truth: Consolidating vehicle and user lists into one system ensures that all data is accurate and up to date, eliminating discrepancies and confusion.
  • Geofencing Capabilities: Geofences automatically confirm booking start and stop times, enhancing accountability and efficiency.
  • Automated Booking Completion: This feature re-lists cars if the booking returns early or doesn’t start, optimising vehicle availability.
  • Simplified Reporting: Easy-to-understand reports on overall fleet availability helps the district council make to be better informed and data-led timely decisions with real-time data.

 One of the most significant changes introduced by Orcoda Connect is the shift in staff behaviour regarding carpool booking and usage. The transparency and accountability built into the system mean there is “nowhere to hide” if rules are not followed. This has led to a more disciplined and responsible use of the vehicle fleet, ensuring resources are utilised efficiently.

Waipa District Council Embraces Carpool Innovation with Orcoda Connect

In addition, the implementation of Orcoda Connect offers several immediate advantages:

  • Live Tracking: Real-time tracking of vehicles ensures that the fleet’s location is always known, enhancing safety and coordination.
  • Up-to-date Telematics: Through integration with telematics, the council benefits from the latest real-time data, improving vehicle performance and maintenance.
  • Visibility of Popular Vehicles: The system provides insights into which vehicles are most frequently booked, aiding in fleet management and optimisation.

Waipa District Council has already begun to see numerous opportunities to improve efficiency thanks to Orcoda Connect, including:

  • Vehicle Allocation Insight: The council can now identify if certain bookers consistently need their own vehicle, allowing for more tailored and efficient vehicle allocation.
  • Usage Monitoring: If a worker is booking a vehicle but not using it, the system flags this behaviour, enabling the council to take corrective action.
  • Enhanced Carpooling: The software makes it easier for workers traveling in the same direction to share vehicles, promoting sustainability and reducing costs.
  • Independent reviews: The calendar view access provides teams with independence when reviewing the use of their team vehicles.

Claire from Waipa District Council has advocated for the introduction of Orcoda Connect to other councils at the Quarterly Fleet Managers Forum. This initiative underscores the potential for widespread adoption and underscores our commitment to expanding efficient and sustainable fleet management solutions across government vehicle pooling operations. We look forward to welcoming many more government clients to experience the advantages of Orcoda Connect.



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