ACTA Pricing Trial Update

Community Transport

Orcoda is proud to be continuing its commitment to the Community Transport sector in Australia.  As part of this, Orcoda has been chosen as a technology partner for the Australian Community Transport Association (ACTA) and is actively involved in the government funded pricing trial. We are currently assisting nine of the providers in the trial.

The trial, officially known as the Community Transport Pricing Pilot (CTPP), is a collaborative effort between ACTA and the Australian Federal Government’s Department of Health and Aged Care. Its aim is to refine transport cost methodologies, explore alternative policy arrangements, and integrate social engagement and client choice into future transport pricing mechanisms.

ACTA Pricing Trial Update
ACTA Pricing Trial Update
ACTA Pricing Trial Update

Key Points from the latest group meeting:

  1. Working Group Meeting: Two new participants, Dementia Australia and the Australian Red Cross, joined the pilot, providing additional insights and representation for the Northern Territory and South Australia/Tasmania.
  2. Service Complexity: The group discussed categorising clients into low, medium, and high needs to better understand and price community transport services.
  3. Benefits of Community Transport: The brainstorming session highlighted the benefits of community transport, such as increased independence and confidence for clients, social interaction, and local knowledge shared by drivers.
  4. Operational Data Analysis: The University of South Australia presented preliminary analysis of operational data, which will be further analysed alongside trip data collected during the pilot. This analysis is crucial for developing a pricing model for the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP).
ACTA Pricing Trial Update
ACTA Pricing Trial Update
ACTA Pricing Trial Update

Orcoda’s Role and Recent Developments:

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Contracts: Orcoda has secured six new multi-year SaaS contracts with community transport providers, that all commence as of July 2024.

Platform Benefits: Orcoda’s platform helps CHSP transport providers manage and optimise operations, improve administration, ensure compliance, enhance passenger safety, and drive continuous service quality improvements.


Geoff Jamieson, Orcoda’s Managing Director, expressed optimism about securing further contracts in this industry and is pleased that Orcoda is being recognised as a best-in-class digital solution for the community transport sector.



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