A New Ski Season is HERE!

Mt Buller

Get ready for the 2024 Ski Season, which started this past weekend in Victoria.

As the snow-covered peaks of the Australian Alps beckon, skiing enthusiasts and winter adventure seekers have eagerly anticipated the upcoming ski season at Mt Buller Ski Resort. Nestled in Victoria’s picturesque high country, Mt Buller is a premier destination for snow sports, offering breathtaking mountain landscapes and thrilling ski slopes. To enhance the overall experience for visitors, ORCODA, a leading provider of logistics management solutions, has digitally transformed the transportation services through smart technology. We’ve mobilised onsite and have started work for the 2024 ski season.

A New Ski Season is HERE!

Smart Technology

At the heart of this complex transportation service lies the ORCODA Logistics Management System (OLMS), a smart technology seamlessly integrated into the transport operations at Mt Buller Resort. ORCODA’s technology streamlines transportation services, improves efficiency, and delivers an exceptional experience to guests.

The Mt Buller Transportation App, powered by ORCODA, serves as a vital tool for visitors, allowing them to book rideshares, easily pay for their trips, and track transport movements in real time. With this user-friendly app, guests can plan their transportation needs with convenience and peace of mind.

Furthermore, the ORCODA platform empowers the on-site management team at Mt Buller to efficiently allocate transport bookings and maintain rapid control over in-field operations. By leveraging this technology, the resort achieves enhanced compliance, improved efficiency, and ultimately, better service delivery to their valued customers.

A New Ski Season is HERE!
A New Ski Season is HERE!
A New Ski Season is HERE!

The ORCODA Logistics Management System has proven its effectiveness at Mt Buller Alpine Resort, facilitating the smooth transportation of over 10,000 passenger movements in previous busy weeks. This success showcases the system’s ability to handle high volumes of both planned and last-minute bookings with efficiency. With over 12,000 uploads installed, this demonstrates the app’s popularity and the likelihood for return visitors this coming ski season.

As the snow has begun to fall, ORCODA is delighted to contribute to the enchantment of the Mt Buller Ski Resort experience. Through the innovative Mt Buller Transportation App and the integration of ORCODA’s Logistics Management System, visitors can embark on their winter adventures with ease and enjoyment. Let the 2024 ski season begin!



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