Digitally Transforming Corporate Vehicle Pooling

Orcoda Connect

In the landscape of corporate mobility management, optimising vehicle utilisation while streamlining operations is paramount. Orcoda Connect has emerged as a transformative vehicle pooling solution, catering to fleets engaged in shared vehicle usage among staff to help increase efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Orcoda Connect has a user-friendly interface where staff can effortlessly search, book, and locate shared vehicles using a mobile app or web portal. This process eliminates inefficiencies, ensuring that every vehicle in the fleet can be utilised to its maximum potential.

Digitally Transforming Corporate Vehicle Pooling

Cost Savings and Automation:

By automating tasks and empowering self-booking and self-management functionalities, Orcoda Connect significantly reduces the workforce cost associated with fleet management. The platform offers comprehensive visibility through intuitive dashboards, enabling real-time monitoring of costs, usage patterns, driver performance ranking, and KPI management.

Efficient Booking and Tracking:

Booking a vehicle through Orcoda Connect is a straightforward process, with detailed vehicle information and search filters that ensure the right vehicle is easily accessible. Upon confirmation, staff can seamlessly locate and track the vehicle from the app or web portal, ensuring efficient pickup and drop-off experiences.

Management Portal Benefits:

The management portal provides a centralised platform to track and manage the entire fleet, eliminating dual bookings and reducing the need for extensive staff resources. With vehicle tracking linked to staff members and timestamped pickup and drop-off records, administrative tasks are simplified for enhanced efficiency.

Digitally Transforming Corporate Vehicle Pooling

The Corporate Shift Towards Vehicle Pooling Software:

In today’s sharing economy, vehicle sharing between organisations is a strategic approach to maximize fleet utilisation and drive efficiency. Orcoda Connect champions this shift, offering greater choice in journey planning and unlocking value from otherwise idle fleets.

Harnessing the Power of Sharing:

Orcoda Connect enables organisations to capitalise on the sharing economy by facilitating carpooling among employees and even between different organisations. By leveraging shared resources during peak demand periods, significant cost savings can be realised, driving progress towards enhanced fleet utilisation.

Digitally Transforming Corporate Vehicle Pooling

Tackling Emissions Reduction:

Vehicle pooling software plays a pivotal role in the reduction of carbon emissions efforts by optimising fleet operations and reducing the overall number of vehicles required. By encouraging shared usage, Orcoda Connect contributes to a greener and more sustainable corporate mobility ecosystem.

Orcoda Connects innovation in corporate vehicle pooling offers unparalleled efficiency, cost savings, and sustainability benefits. As organisations embrace the sharing economy and prioritise resource optimisation, Orcoda Connect is your strategic partner in shaping the future of corporate mobility management.



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