Brendan Mason in the Indian Pacific Wheel Race

Brendan Mason

What a weekend for Orcoda! While our team was competing in the Mansfield Hotel Tour, Brendan Mason, our esteemed Board Member, embarked on an epic journey in the Indian Pacific Wheel Race! He’s currently 700kms into the Perth to Sydney stretch. Brendan’s determination knows no bounds!

 Brendan is a seasoned leader with a wealth of experience in transport and telecom infrastructure, Brendan’s not just a board member – he’s a force of nature!

 An experienced ultra-endurance event participant, Brendan has competed in cycling, running, and multi-sport ultra events all over the world. His resilience and tenacity make him a true inspiration to us all.

 As Brendan pushes south of Kalgoorlie, battling the blistering Aussie heat with temperatures hitting a scorching 48.6°C, his spirit remains undaunted. Taking a moment to cool off, he dipped his wheels in the ocean, a symbolic pause in this incredible journey.

 From lighthouses to rugged terrains, Brendan’s donning his Orcoda Connect kit across the country. Orcoda’s Melbourne team eagerly anticipates Brendan passing the office around Easter. We’ll be there to cheer him on and offer our support as he continues to push the boundaries of endurance and achievement.

 Stay tuned for more updates as Brendan tackles the road ahead. Let’s cheer him on every kilometre of the way!

Brendan Mason in the Indian Pacific Wheel Race



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