A Snow Season Like No Other! Orcoda Transports People

Orcoda transports people

ORCODA began the 2020 season (the first of 5) with its client (Mt Buller Resort Management Board) knowing that it would be a season like no other.  Mt Buller has the largest ski lift network in Australia, and draws skiers and spectators from all over Australia.  Providing Guest Transport Services and Rideshare services amidst changing restrictions on numbers and then the various stages of COVID lockdown required nimble planning, monitoring, and re-planning of resources and operations during the season.

ORCODA’s team worked hand in hand with major supplier Busfleet Australia to get the project started in a short time frame.  The teams were constantly monitoring ski field conditions, reservation activity and government advice to provide the right size service to the resort’s guests for the entire season up to October 4th, all be it with no service whilst Victoria faced restrictions.

The combination of management experience and information via Orcoda’s technology helped manage changeable conditions experienced in 2020.  Communication with the client and major service provider, Busfleet Australia was critical to keeping things moving.  A bespoke development plan is underway in the off season to further automate and improve the system for 2021. ORCODA Management have a proven history of effectively managing high volume transport needs.

Contact Orcoda to find out more about our unique management, technology and commercial solutions for mobilising people – at work or at play. Contact Simon  Anthonisz at https://www.linkedin.com/in/simonqldgm/  or M +61 412 517 713  P 1300 672 632 E santhonisz@orcoda.com or see https://orcoda.com/




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