“Booking System
for Personnel Supply Chains”

Description: A web based booking platform database with APIs to link all service and asset provider databases for booking personnel, services and assets within the total personnel supply chain controlled on the database

Key Points

  • Orcoda’s subsidiary, Resource Connect Holdings, has been issued a patent in Australia and USA covering the Orcoda Workforce Logistics System, “Booking System for Personnel Supply Chains”
  • The patents were granted to Resource Connect Holdings, allowing Orcoda to protect its healthcare, resource platforms and wider booking system until 2036
  • The patents confirm the novelty and originality of Orcoda’s technology platforms
  • One central platform that manages the “white space” between the existing personnel supply chain, by linking multiple databases with the ability to track the movement of each worker, contractor and supplier.
  • The Booking System is a solution for the mass movement of personnel that increases accuracy and visibility, whilst seamlessly integrating and optimising the entire process with greater compliance.

“These patent grants confirm to shareholders Orcoda’s groundbreaking digital solutions put us at the forefront of the digital revolution occurring in transport supply chains and personnel supply chains and also the carrying value of our intangibles.

It also greatly enhances the company’s credibility and bargaining strength in licensing our technology to major international organisations. Orcoda has taken a repetitional leap forward with the official grant of this broad, commercially relevant patent and I’m confident it will prove to be a key milestone in our growth phase and may deliver substantial recurring revenue streams that will enhance shareholder value.”

– Geoff Jamieson, Managing Director of Orcoda


Australian Patent


USA Patent