Exploring Orcoda’s Role in Healthcare Sector Amidst Demographic Shifts

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Unveiling the Significance of Orcoda (ASX:ODA) in Healthcare Logistics

In a recent Thematic Insights Report titled “A larger, greyer population: Why the healthcare sector is one to watch,” published by The Market Online and Hot Copper, Orcoda (ASX:ODA) emerges as a significant player in the healthcare transport technology domain. Despite being predominantly recognised for its expertise in transport management software, Orcoda’s presence in the healthcare sector merits attention.

Within Orcoda’s corporate framework lies a division dedicated to healthcare logistics. This segment offers invaluable exposure to the expanding healthcare situation. Through Orcoda’s innovative software solutions tailored for patient and community transport, pathology collection, and medical supply delivery, Orcoda stands poised to capitalise on the shifting demographics, particularly the aging population.

As Orcoda’s spokesperson aptly notes, “Orcoda has an established medical logistics arm, part of its larger fleet management strategy.”

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