New hybrid vehicle joins the ORCODA fleet

HAVAL Hybrid

ORCODA takes another stride towards environmental sustainability as it welcomes a new hybrid vehicle into its growing fleet. Collaborating with Pave Financial and GWM Kedron, ORCODA has acquired a new GWM HAVAL Hybrid car, reflecting its commitment to eco-friendly transportation solutions and a reduced carbon footprint. Utilising EV technology and ORCODA Logistics Management System’s route optimisation, we can maximise the efficiency of our clients’ fleets, and work towards a more sustainable future.

The HAVAL hybrid is a prime example of an eco-friendly, practical, and innovative vehicle. It boasts smart technology that seamlessly alternates between an electric motor and a combustion engine, delivering optimal fuel efficiency, impressive performance, and extended range. What’s more, these hybrids are self-charging, eliminating the need for frequent stops.  In addition to the environmental benefits, the HAVAL has a range of driver safety features including inbuilt cameras to monitor driver attention – a big reason behind the selection of this vehicle.  With this acquisition, ORCODA solidifies its stance as a forward-thinking organisation that aligns its transportation choices with both its environmental values, safety improvements and its clients’ preferences.

ORCODA has been progressively building its hybrid fleet for years, recognising the numerous benefits these vehicles offer. As hybrid technology has matured and proven its reliability over two decades, ORCODA’s investment in these vehicles is well-founded. The advantages of owning a hybrid vehicle are manifold. From contributing to a greener planet and potential eligibility for discounted green car loans to impressive fuel economy and tax benefits, hybrid cars hold a unique position in the automotive landscape. With an ever-expanding range of brands and models available – over 70,000 hybrids were sold in Australia in 2021 alone – hybrid vehicles offer a versatile and eco-conscious choice for modern consumers. Furthermore, their dual-power capability, enhanced comfort features, and high resale value make hybrid cars an appealing option for those seeking an environmentally responsible and economically savvy mode of transportation.



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