Aurizon Callemondah LED project


ORCODA’s subsidiary, The Betta Group, has been awarded an Aurizon contract to convert to LED lighting at the Callemondah railway in Gladstone. The Betta Group are Central Queensland’s most trusted electrical and infrastructure contractor, and have a long standing relationship with Aurizon and proven EQL expertise from past project delivery experience.

The Callemondah railway and Coal Terminal adjoins the Port of Gladstone in Queensland, which is the world’s fourth largest coal exporting terminal. The Aurizon Callemondah LED project has provided for the conversion to LED on the Moura and Blackwater railway lines.

LEDs are today’s most energy-efficient and sustainable light technology. They are safer for the environment as they don’t contain mercury like traditional lighting, which requires special handling at the end of its lifespan.

Quality LED light bulbs last longer, are more durable, offer improved light quality, require very low voltage and operate well in cold and hot environments.

Investing in new LED lighting adds to the sustainability of infrastructure while also reducing cost, as most LED lighting conversion projects result in a 60-75% improvement in overall energy efficiency.

The Betta Group is a locally grown Australian company, owned by ORCODA (ASX:ODA). It has a reputation for providing high-quality infrastructure and electrical services to its clients in the greater Central Queensland area, and this latest project will be no exception.



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