ORCODA Welcomes Northline


Strengthening Transport Logistics Management with OLMS

ORCODA, a leading provider of transport logistics management solutions, is thrilled to announce its new partnership with Northline, a renowned national logistics operator with a wide-reaching presence across Australia and over 100 countries. The agreement between Northline and ORCODA entails a three-year Software as a Service (SaaS) contract for the implementation of ORCODA Logistics Management System (OLMS).

Northline’s National Freight Management division has established itself as a key player in the logistics industry, offering comprehensive services that cater to various sectors and business needs. With 18 strategically located depots across Australia, Northline possesses a robust infrastructure that ensures efficient supply chain operations for its clientele.

The OLMS software, provided by ORCODA, is a cutting-edge logistics management solution designed to streamline operations, optimise efficiency, and enhance visibility throughout the supply chain. This cloud-based platform offers a range of features, including real-time tracking, fleet management, route optimisation, and advanced analytics. Businesses utilising OLMS benefit from improved decision-making capabilities, reduced costs, and improved customer satisfaction.

The OLMS software is fully integrated with Northline’s existing CRM, allowing for seamless implementation and integration into their operational workflow. This integration not only minimises disruption but also maximises the value derived from OLMS, empowering Northline to leverage its capabilities to their full potential.

Craige Whitton, CEO of Northline, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We have a sizeable and growing vehicle fleet servicing our logistics operations across Australia. After an extensive assessment of the alternatives, we chose ORCODA’s fleet optimisation and freight management software solution. ORCODA’s SaaS solution will add considerable value to the management of our fleet and we look forward to working with the ORCODA technology.”

Geoff Jamieson, ORCODA’s Managing Director shared his thoughts on the collaboration, saying, “We are delighted that Northline has chosen ORCODA’s software to coordinate its national freight management network. Both parties’ hope this marks the start of a long and mutually rewarding relationship to support the commercial objectives of both businesses and strengthen our customer focused values.”

ORCODA’s collaboration with Northline marks a significant milestone for both companies. The implementation of ORCODA’s Logistics Management System will provide Northline with a powerful toolset to manage their logistics operations efficiently, boost productivity, and deliver exceptional customer experiences. This partnership showcases the ongoing commitment of ORCODA to drive innovation in the logistics industry and support the growth and success of its clients.



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