The Market Herald feature article on Orcoda: Ready to electrify smart city transportation

The Market Herald

Cameron Drummond of The Market Herald dives deep into the innovative strategy that Orcoda is pursuing to electrify smart city transportation.

Article’s Key Points:

  • Orcoda’s (ODA) Intelligent Transport Management Systems (ITMS) interoperates with smart devices and infrastructure to aggregate and optimise transport logistics
  • The more-than-$1 trillion smart city industry is expected to grow 150 per cent by 2030
  • Orcoda’s acquisition of The Betta Group allows it to provide both infrastructure and smart software to upgrade transportation networks
  • The installation and electrification of smart devices for transport corridors has led to a 59 per cent increase in sales for Orcoda in Q1 FY23
  • ITMS solutions are being used to manage traffic flows to reduce congestion, thereby helping reduce carbon emissions

Technology is rapidly getting better, cheaper and more efficient — and governments and urban planners across the world are looking to improve our cities by turning them into ‘Smart Cities’ that will help decarbonise our energy use for a more sustainable future.

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