SaaS Contract begins with Holy Cross Laundry

Orcoda Limited (ASX: ODA) is pleased to announce that its wholly owned subsidiary Orcoda Transport Logistics has begun its SaaS solution with Holy Cross Laundry in Brisbane.

Holy Cross Laundry, founded in 1889 by Mother Mary Vincent Whitty and her Sisters of Mercy, is a world leading commercial hire linen and laundry service for medical, surgical, health and aged care organisations. Their delivery services are scheduled to meet mutually agreed time frames. In determining the transport arrangements a number of logistical issues are taken into consideration:

  • Loading dock storage capacity for soiled and clean linen
  • Location storage where the linen is actually used
  • Linen delivery and collection methodology

Orcoda’s extensive software-as-a-service (SaaS) scheduling and monitoring system, gives Holy Cross Laundry (HCL) the tools to optimize and streamline their transport and field services workforce and introduces digital technology, which in­turn boosts efficiency, compliance, visibility, customer service and profits.

Geoff Jamieson, Orcoda Managing Director said; “We see this contract as a strategic position within the Laundry Services market place, where we can support Holy Cross Laundry in their growth, whilst growing our market share for our SaaS platform within the sector.”

With the successful development and delivery of the HCL solution, Orcoda is looking forward to further opportunities in transport logistics supporting field service deliveries.

Read the full ASX release here

LinkedIn – Holy Cross Laundry Article



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