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Safe, Assisted, Personalised Transportation

Orcoda Connect is an integrated scheduled people transport service, using optimisation software which enables us to operate at a lower cost than other rideshare providers available in the marketplace. We provide safe, secure and personalised transport services utilising trained and qualified drivers. We place vehicles within select locations such as retirement villages, medical centres and returned services clubs. We can work in conjunction with existing home care providers, transit bus services or in house carers.

Our key objective is to provide a safe and personalised scheduled transport service to our seniors, veterans and low-care disabled clients. We understand the requirements of this demographic including the importance of maintaining independence, accommodating disability requirements, and providing a known environment that operates within a reliable network. Our scheduled transport service provides our clients with reliable transport to attend important medical appointments through to enjoying pre-planned social activities.

Our service is delivered by experienced drivers who have blue and yellow cards, CPR and first aid accreditation, federal police checks and driver authorities. Each trip is either paid or subsidised through My Aged Care, Veteran Affairs or the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Alternatively, we do accept credit/debit card payments should a consumer not be registered under one of these three schemes.

Learn how the Orcoda Connect service provides ‘Safe, Assisted, Personalised Transportation’.

Source Locations

Orcoda Connect allocates a vehicle with a qualified driver and our booking platform at ‘Source Locations’, such as retirement villages, medical centres and Returned Services Clubs. Operators of Source Locations are offered the Orcoda Connect service free of charge and are given the option to brand the vehicle, to make it easier for their residents, patients, members or clients to identify and support.


All Orcoda Connect Drivers are trained and accredited to provide safe and accessible transport for the elderly and members of our community requiring travel assistance, supporting them on their journey toward enriched lives with greater community participation and contribution. Our drivers require both blue and yellow cards, CPR and first aid accreditation, police checks and driver authorities.


Our clients and their families want safe and reliable transport services, with clear communication and trustworthy people to engage with. Orcoda Connect manage the drivers, vehicles, schedule and manage bookings, sign source locations and manage all business risk.

If you are interested in acquiring a socially responsible business opportunity that offers fixed minimum returns, provides a known passive income stream and is growing in value each year, please contact us as per below.